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Global weather systems has all the weather accross the World.Satellite images for every continent, weather pressure charts and storm news and information.

Climate change and information on Al Nina El Nino and Enso.

Solar weather and North Atlantic Oscillation.

Everything for Weather accross the World.


World Weather hotspot

World Weather Hot Spot


Thunderstorms & Lightning

Severe Weather Preparedness – Be prepared whenever severe weather like thunderstorms strike.

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes – Complete overview, including illustrations, of thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Thunderstorms – Gamma rays generated by severe weather.

Severe Weather – How to identify a thunderstorm.

Storm Chasers – Find out what it is like to chase storms.

Lightning Safety – Protect yourself from lightning.

Lightning – Is it safe to use a telephone during a lightning storm?


What is a Blizzard? – Learn about blizzards, wind chill factors, and safety precautions.

Winter Preparedness - Fact sheet to help prepare for blizzards and other natural disasters.

Winter Storms – Causes of blizzards and severe winter weather.

Injuries – Types of injuries are associated with blizzards and winter storms.

Winter Driving – Surviving a blizzard in an automobile or other vehicle.


Tornado FAQ – Frequently asked questions about tornadoes and how to survive them.

Tornadoes – Causes, safety factors, and other important considerations.

FEMA Tornado Tips – Fact sheet about tornadoes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Tornado Safety -The causes of tornadoes and tips for tornado safety.

Tornado Safety – Find out what causes tornadoes and the truth about some tornado myths.


Hurricane Research Division FAQ – Learn about hurricanes, typhoons, and other tropical storms.

Medical Devices and Hurricanes – Safeguard important medical devices during hurricanes.

Return Home After Hurricane – Return home safely and expedite cleanups and prevent potential health concerns.

NASA Hurricane Feature – All about hurricanes from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with awesome photography.

Hurricane Facts – Learn how to be prepared for hurricanes before the disaster strikes.


Cleanup of Flood Water – What to do after the flood waters recede.

Flood Disaster Information – How to ensure a safe water supply and take care of other sanitation concerns after a flood.

Flood Safeguards – Protect yourself before, during, and after flood activity.

Caring for Livestock during Disaster – Safety measures for taking care of livestock during floods, blizzards, and other natural disasters.

Prevent Insect Infestations – Insects often invade homes after a flood. Find out how to keep these pests out.

Disaster Supplies Kit – Make your own disaster supply kit and be prepared for floods or other disaster situations.

Hailstorms / Hail Stones

Hail Season - Tips to avoid costly damage during hailstorm season.

What Causes Hail - The causes of hail and an overview of the trends of hail in the United States

What is Hail - How hail forms, its composition, and the difference between hail and other severe weather conditions.

Where Hail Forms - Hail is a global concern.

Hail Fact Sheet - Basic facts about hail and the destruction it causes.


Hail Facts - Random tidbits of information about hail.









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